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Tech4all go through his experiences with the Xiaomi m365 scooter over the year. He also a reviews some of Curious Joe parts and accessories :)

Keep up the good work Mihail!



I usually don't write to sellers about shippment, but now I've decided to do so. The reason why is the signature and the presentation of items. Because it could be just thrown in the envelope and sent, but I can see some effort put in and I, as a customer, appreciate that.


It took 6 days for shippment to arrive from Sweden to Slovenia. I recieved all the items, whole and ready to use.


Since I ordered items in august, 2018, I've only used display cover with start button extender and cable protection. Display cover is still holding strong after one year and I rode in in wet and humid conditions (but display never was directly exposed to rain). The only downside is that is very delicate and can be easily scratched. Just be careful while installing it and don't use fingernails, just your fingertips and you will be fine.


Cable protection for rear light is also very useful and it's very simple to screw it on if you watch the video tutorial by Curious Joe. As for the dampers, even afer 900 km the closing system didn't wear off so much that I could close and secure the latch of the bar with 0.4 mm damper, so I can't review it. But now I already have the dampers for later use, when they will be needed. When damper is inserted, the tolerance is so small, that you don't have to worry about losing it while the scooter is folded.


I wish you all many well driven kilometers.



Grymt bra, passar perfekt. Rekommenderas.



Very good and high quality products. Easy to shop and fast delivery. Will absolutely use CJ again:)



High quality products with 1-day delivery in Sweden. I always order through Joe and have recommended him to all my friends.

(Hook, Modification set V2.2, Throttle sticker, Display Cover V2, Shoe, Rubber Cap, front and rear fender, Cable protection)


United Kingdom

As always, sceptical about buying from abroad. Not this time though! Products fit perfectly and looks like it was factory fitted. Really fast shipping pretty much the same if you purchased in the UK. Very pleased and will definitely be using again.

(Carbon display cover and carbon throttle cover)



My first buy at CJ, but certainly not the last. The shipment was very fast, and the parts was superbly wrapped for sending. The parts was of exellent quality, and they fitted perfectly. The shim took vibrations totally away from the handle, and made the ride smoother. Top notch!

Modification kit v2.2 DeLuxe Kit + Hook



Great guy to deal with, bought here twice and once the shipment went missing and Joe as great through all of it. (The products work great as well).



MARVELOUS quality, fast and correct shipping to Belgium (6 days), applied everything on my scooter and feel much safer at night ! Thanks for the handsigned note ! Will buy here again!

(Reflective Stickerset (black), Display & Trothle Carbon stickers, vibration damper 0.4)


Czech Republic

You are awesome my father bought one modification kit+ for himself and it really helps those vibration dampers and we are buying another xiaomi so we are going to buy another kit you are really friendly and your packaging is beautiful, your products are perfect thanks:D



Very happy with my purchase, the package arrived very quick and without any issues. I will be back to buy more things. Thanks!

(Modification kit v2., Hook)



Bought the Modification kit v2.1 & Shoe. Before ordering I compared the parts with the ones from other providers and what friends ordered elsewhere. The difference in quality, fit and feel is significant!! Especially the vibration dampers. They fit like a glove and the texture is a mix of rubber and plastic, so flexible while still durable. The difference driving with vs. without the dampers was suprisingly big. Never want to drive without them anymore :) Contact and interaction was very friendly and fast. The hand written note and instruction for the goods is very nice. I highly recommend Curious Joe and would buy from him again any day.



Thanks, man for a perfect service! Everything was fitted in 10 minutes - receiveing the package in post office took twice longer - and my "tõuks" is world-proof now. Delivery took only a week, on eastern period. A nice little business idea.

(mod kit v2, rear fender, rubber cap)



Thank You for super fast delivery! High quality parts and it only took 10 minutes to install parts on my scooter.



Really clean service and an amazing single folding mechanism piece. I was zxpeexpec to just buy that and totally worth it. quick send and a ruber feeling quality piece. I took the regular size like new, even my xuaomx m 365 have more than 200 km, i v take care a lot but know it's a top ride. It should be an original factory piece !



Super speed delivery and quality stuff!



Thank You for super fast delivery! High quality parts and it only took 10 minutes to install parts on my scooter.

Modification kit v2.1 (extended set)



A great shopping experience! Joe sent the parts very quickly and very well packaged, the mail arrived early and in perfect condition here in Chile. The products look very good quality and the best thing is that they fit perfectly on my scooter. 100% recommended!

(Hook, rubber cap and vibration damber)



Thanks, man for a perfect service! Everything was fitted in 10 minutes - receiveing the package in post office took twice longer - and my "tõuks" is world-proof now. Delivery took only a week, on eastern period. A nice little business idea.

(mod kit v2, rear fender, rubber cap)



Good quality parts and great price considering most parts are custom made. Delivery to Sweden and communication no problem. Request for categories or some type of structure in the shop, thanks.

(Rear Guard, rubber panel protection and rear light cable protection)



Good products. But most of all, nice to see someone/a website that just gets it. ! How to win customers and keep them. I mean good quality pics on website, in depth explanations and description, written by someone who seems like they actually know. When it arrived (quickly) these small, simple items could have been placed in a bag and thats it. but no, a hand signed card came with it and products placed with intention. What happens is that i now trust you, if i had a problem i think you would handle it like you handle your product....better then most, and automatically I will look here before elsewhere if i need more things. Well done and thank you for standing out.


New Zealand

Just received my item yesterday. Curious Joe's items are really good quality and easy to install especially that he has a tutorial on how to do it. At a certain point i had a little issue on the shipping courier but curious joe was nice to help me find my item. His customer service is really good and even i had a lot of questions about certain things he helped with all my concerns. Thanks for good customer service and good quality items. Definitely will order again. Cheers!

(modification kit v2, Phone mount, Battery cover, and hook)


New Zealand

Excellent quality, exactly as advertised. The parts all fit with no issues, and they were delivered to New Zealand in good time. The signed card was a nice touch — Highly Recommend!

(Hook, Display Cover – Rubber, Mudguard support v2, Modification kit v2.1 (extended set), Battery Cover & Rubber cap)



I'm totally satisifed, all parts fits perfectly and are very easy to install. The Hook is defintely a must have, together with the Display cover.

(bought: Modification kit V2.1, Battery cover, Display cover, Hook, Rubber cap)



The products I purchased are fantastic quality. Easy to install with the easy to follow instructions. The Deluxe V2 Kit included the waterproof sticker & power button insert, a hanger for your shopping bag, three different size rubber spacers, and a protective cover for the rear mud guard cable. The bottom plate is also great quality and offers better protection for the battery. I also purchased the carbon style sticker for the accelerator control. Looks great ! Joe is a top bloke to deal with and makes superb accessories for your Xiaomi m365!



I have done about 1200km with my M365 Scooter, and the steering column was getting quite loose. The 0.8mm damper fits perfectly and makes it rock - solid again, great product for me. Standard shipping to Germany just took 5 days - highly recommended!


United States

Received, installed, easy to install, good, complete instructions with excellent photos, good communication, thanks for all. Would definitely recommend Curious Joe as a supplier for scooter upgrades

(Modification Kit, Hook, Phone mount)


United Kingdom

Love the battery cover for M365 what a difference it makes not worrying about stripping the screw heads off like the original Xiaomi battery cover that had all the screw heads fully exposed. Apart from only splash proof protection from xiaomi these are the only cons for this scooter. Thanks to Curious Joe I am confident in the rain now and no longer worry about stripping any screw heads due to minor bad design choices. Thanks Joe



Serious seller, delivery arrived quickly, and hook is just beautiful. Congrats



I'm felling fortunate for finding and choosing your products. Really. I bought a Battery cover (Bottom plate), a fender, and a Modification kit v2 to my M365 and they are perfect. Good quality, good material, well designed.

Thanks a lot for you super job sending it to me. Everything was smooth and fast.

Regards from Portugal, and Happy 2019!



Great service, great products, fast delivery, fair pricing. Can't ask for much more. Thanks!



Shopping was extremely easy and your online shop works just fine. 

Parts fit nicely to my scooter and are good quality, thanks.



Joe is just awesome! Dude is super nice (communication/service was excellent) and will go above and beyond until you are 100% satisfied with your order. All the items i ordered - which was pretty much everything the store had to offer - are perfect (they fit like a glove) and are high quality made for a reasonable price. Shipping (tracking included) was lightning fast and everything was very carefully packed in bubble wrapper. I can absolutely recommend this with confidence! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING, JOE!


United Kingdom

The dampers are worth this price alone. Completely fixed handlebar play! The scooter is much more confidence inspiring now, sturdy and no vibrations. Delivery was exceptionally fast, only 2 days to UK. Would recommend to anyone.



Just received my bottom plate, looks great, Thanks Joe!



Easy to install, does what it says