Vibration Dampers v2

Vibration Dampers v2

The vibration dampers are used to remove backlash and protecting the fold from wear when the surfaces in the fold rub against each other. Use the thinnest possible damper. It is better to adjust the locking mechanism then using a thicker damper. Some new scooters can not fit even the thinnest damper, then pick them up then you start getting backlash that can not be removed by adjusting the locking mechanism.


Scooters with backlash and little wear uses the 0.4 mm dampers - Do not use extensive force to lock the fold. If the fold is adjusted it is important that the locking hook closes completly and not extend outside the fold/stem. The clasp should close with a little resistance – Never uses extensive force to close the lock.


Scooters with more backlash/wear uses the 0.6 mm or the 0.8 mm dampers to remove backlash and to minimize continuous wear.

The red color makes it visible if you loose it on the road when folding your scooter. The Vibration damper is not visible when locked in the fold.


Works great on Xiaomi scooters

Compatible with all Xiaomi scooters (M365, M365 Pro, Essential, S1 and Pro 2)


The damper comes in three thickness

  • 0.4 mm for scooters with little wear/backlash
  • 0.6 mm for scooters with wear/backlash
  • 0.8 mm for scooters with wear/backlash


You have two options:

  • Standard dampers  – with great fit (Good enough)
  • Deluxe dampers – with even greater fit that makes it stay in place even better - harder to loose when folding your scooter (The best)


Standard dampers are great and fits very good

DeLuxe dampers has more rubber and are stiffer and stays even better in the fold.


All parts designed by Curious Joe





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