Trailer mount for Xiaomi Scooters

Trailer mount for Xiaomi Scooters

SKU: TrailerMount

The Trailer Mount helps you can attach a trailer (for a kid or pet) to your scooter.

You mount it on the left side of the scooter.


Package includes

1 pcs Trailer mount

2 pcs M3 x 12mm

2 pcs M3 x 16mm

2 pcs M3 lock nuts



  1. Remove the reflective stickers on the wheel side cover
  2. Remove the wheel side cover
  3. Remove the left wheel bolt holding the wheel
  4. Place the Trailer mount where the Wheel side cover was located
  5. Fasten with the 4 screws in the holes on the mount, the nut is to be places on the inside close to the tire


© Trailer mount is designed and manufactured by Curious Jo


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