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Skin for footboard "Signature" (Ninebot G30 Max)

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Weight 0.4 kg

Skin for Curious Joe footboard “Signature”. Compatible with all footboards with the same shape.

Design your own skin for your footboard (Ninebot G30 Max)

Just rip of your old skin/griptape and replace with the new self designed.

Installation (5 min)
The skin is easy to apply, all you need is a mix of soap and water and a squeegee.

  1. Remove the board from your scooter
  2. Remove you old Skin/griptape and clean the board from old residue
  3. spray a mix of soap and water on the board  – This is important! Otherwise the new layer will stick har to the board and you can damage the grip when removing it.
  4. remove the back of the new skin and put it on the board, since you have the soap water mix you can let it slide to the right position.
  5. When at the right position push down on some spots to make it stick
  6. Now take a squeegee and start from the middle to push out air and soap mix, work your way around.
  7. Install the board to the scooter again and get out on the road for a ride!

Sundays (for custom design orders)
All custom made design orders are being produced Monday-Wednesday.
Shipping: Thursdays.

270 kr


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg


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