Reflective Styling Set

Reflective Styling Set

The Reflective Styling Set makes your scooter more visual during the evening/night (and day depending on what color set you choose). The sticker set is cut from high quality 3M reflective sheets.

The white and black stickers reflects in white while the red in red. All stickers are removable when wanted.

Choose your color set and apply on your scooter.

Compatible with all Xiaomi scooters (M365, M365 Pro, Essential, S1 and Pro 2)



  1. All black (Very discrete on a black scooter)
  2. Mixed - Black/red & white/red
  3. Black and red
  4. White and red



Clean the scooter surface.

Apply to the scooter. Wide stickers on the battery sides, thin stickers on the stem.

On the bottom left side you may need to temporary remove the stand if you choose to use all the sticker parts.

The sticker cures in 72 hours, but has cured to 70% the first 24 hours.


You can also brand your Xiaomi scooter with a logo or a name. This is a sticker that is not reflective that is to be applied onto the reflective sticker. You find these stickers here.


Designed by Curious Joe




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