Display Cover v2

Display Cover v2

The Display Cover protects the display surface and makes the start button well protected against water.

The sticker comes with a start button extender which is to be placed under the sticker to make the start button easy to press down (not needed for the M365 Pro).

It is easy to apply the sticker, just follow the instructions on our support page.
If needed the sticker is easy to remove.


There are two different stickers to choose from:

  • Black, glossy and transparent (It doesn´t change the orginal look of the display). Works great on all Xiaomi scooters.
  • Carbon fiber (not transparent) – looks great together with the Carbon throttle sticker.
    Not compatible with M365 Pro

Each package contains
1 Sticker

1 Start button extender (smaller button since Xiaomi changed start button size). No need for this on the M365 Pro


If you rather want a display cover that is made of rubber and snap on over the display you find them here


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