Mudguard support (Model C)

Mudguard support (Model C)

The Mudguard support, model C, protects the rear LED lightcable, and provides support to the mudguard, which helps prevent it from breaking. This version is made of solid plastic – it’s not 3d printed – which means that it’s extra strong.


Works great on Xiaomi M365/M387 & M365 Pro.
Some Pro scooters have a cable cover that needs to be removed.



  • Black for orginal tires
  • White for orginal tires
  • Red for orginal tires


1. Remove the rear mudguard.

2. Secure it behind the ledlight on the inside of the mudguard

3. Place the ends of the mudguard support on both sides of the wheel

4. Screw the rear mudguard in place.

5. do not forget to push in the ledlight cable into the battery compartment or the tire will rub down the cable



This is designed to support the mudguard – it does NOT provide enough support for you to keep your feet on it!


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