Mudguard support (Model B)

Mudguard support (Model B)

SKU: MudGuardSupport-B-BLK

The Mudguard support protects the rear LED lightcable, and provides support to the mudguard, which helps prevent it from breaking.

Please note that the mudguard support is NOT compatible with the rear fender/mudguard.


Works great on Xiaomi M365/M387 & M365 Pro for both 8.5 and 10 Inch tire.
Some Pro scooters have a cable cover that needs to be removed.


1. Remove the rear mudguard.

2. Put the mudguard support in place and secure itusing the ledlight screws.

3. Use a sharp knife to carefully remove the red reflective stickers on both sides of the wheel – if done carefully, the stickers can be reused.

4. Remove the wheel’s side covers on both sides,

5. Remove the screws holding the wheel.

6. Place the ends of the mudguard support inside the screws and the washers that hold the wheel, on both sides.

7. Screw the rear mudguard in place.

8. Tighten all screws and reassemble the remaining partsand you're good to go!



This is designed to support the mudguard – it does NOT provide enough support for you to keep your feet on it!:)


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