Modification kit v2.2 - light

This new Modification kit v2 contains new improved Vibration dampers with better overall fit. It also comes with a thicker Cable protection (uses orginal screws) a Display cover and button extender.


You have two options:

  • Standard dampers  – with great fit (Good enough)
  • Deluxe dampers – with even greater fit that makes it stay in place even better - harder to loose when folding your scooter (The best)


The standard dampers are great and fits very good, but the DeLuxe has more rubber and are stiffer and stays even better in the fold.


Some new scooters has a very tight locking mechanism, this makes the locking mechanism impossible to close with the 0.4mm vibration dampers in place. If this is the case - Do NOT use much force to try to close the fold. What you need to do is to adjust the locking mechanism. Just follow this guide:


Works great on Xiaomi M365/M387 & M365 Pro


The damper is also called; butterfly, spacers


All parts designed by Curious Joe