Modification kit v2.2 (extended set)

Modification kit v2.2 (extended set)

The Modification kit v2.2 now contains an extended set of Vibration dampers with a better overall fit. It also comes with a thicker Cable protection (uses orginal screws; no need for longer ones), a Display cover, and a button extender.

In other words, this kit covers your many journeys with the Xioami scooter with dampers for a long time to come.


Compatible with all Xiaomi scooters; M365, M365 Pro, Essential, S1 and Pro 2

No need to apply the button extender under the display cover on the M365 Pro 


You have two options:

  • Standard Kit - Black or Red
    3 x Black standard dampers (0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm)
    1 x Display cover (black transparent)
    1 x Button extender (no need for this on M365 Pro)
    1 x Cable protection
  • Deluxe Kit - Black or Red
    3 x Red Deluxe dampers (0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm)
    1 x Display cover (black transparent)
    1 x Button extender (no need for this on M365 Pro)
    1 x Cable protection


About the kit



The vibration dampers are for scooters with wear and are used to remove backlash and to protect the fold from wear that eventually occurs when the surfaces rub together. Use the thinnest possible damper. It’s best to try adjusting the locking mechanism before considering using a damper. Some new scooters cannot accommodate even the thinnest damper, If so then use the thinnest when you start getting backlash that can’t be fixed by adjusting the locking mechanism.


Scooters with backlash or a little wear uses the 0.4 mm dampers - Do not use excessive force to lock the fold. If the fold is adjusted it is important that the locking clasp closes completely and not extend outside the fold/stem. The clasp should close with a little resistance – Never use excessive force to close it.


If your scooter has more excessive backlash/wear, try the 0.6 mm or the 0.8 mm dampers to remove backlash and to minimize continuous wear.


The Standard dampers are great and fit really well, but the DeLuxe have more rubber, they’re stiffer, and they fit even better in the fold.


Display Cover and Button extender

The Display Cover is black transparent and is to protect the start button from leaking water or moisture down to the electronics under the start button. The Button Extender is to be placed on the start button under the display cover to make it easier to press the start button – No need for button extender on the M365 Pro.

The display cover looks gray in the picture but when applied it´s black glossy and blends in very well. The M365 Pro display is fully readable with the display cover


Cable protection

The Cable protection is the most important modification you need to do. It saves the rear led light cable under rear mudguard from wear.

The Xiaomi M365 scooter comes with the rear led light cable non protected. When the mudguard vibrates and shakes the cable starts to wear when it touches the tire and over time this cable will be damage. To protect it you´ll need this cable protection.

Some Xiaomi  scooters has a metal cable protection, either you keep this or change to the part in this kit.


Follow the instructions 



All parts designed by Curious Joe



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