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Insurance/license plate

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Insurance plate / Licens plate for Xiaomi M365, M365 Pro or M187 electric scooters. A sticker is placed on the acrylic plate which has space for the 52,8 x 65mm sticker.
You can place the plate so that the sticker is placed over or under the rear light, just turn the plate around. If put under it will also double as a fender

The plate is made out of solid acrylic (not 3d printed) and comes in black or white. It comes with two screws. Depending on what modifications you have done with your scooter you may need other screws.

This object comes with license plate (black or white) and two screws.

120 kr

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The installation is easy.
1. Remove the rear led light by removing the two screws under the rear mudguard holding the led light.
2. Loosen the ledlight cable and thread it through the slot in the plate.
3. Put the the back of the plate inside the hole where the led light was placed. You have the option to put it with the plate under or over the rear light.
4. Put the led light in position on the frontside of the plate and fasten the parts together with the screws that comes with the plate.
5. Put the (insurance) stickers on
6. Drive safe!

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