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Skin for footboard "Signature" (M365/1S/Essential)

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Design your own skin for your footboard (Xiaomi M365/1S/Essential electric scooter).
Fits footboard “Signature”. Compatible with all standard size footboards sold from april 2020 with the same shape.

Design your own pattern just the way you want it. Upload the images you like, add text, graphics, company logo or use one of our ready-made templates. Just click the customize button and start designing (We recommend that you use a computer to design the pattern for your footboard).

The pattern is printed on a special vinyl with a strong protective anti-slip laminate on top, all with the best quality.

Deadline: Sundays (for custom design orders)
All custom made design orders are being produced Monday-Wednesday.
Shipping: Thursdays.

Instructions can be found further down the page




Installation (5 min)
Youtube instructions

The skin is easy to apply, all you need is a mix of soap and water and a squeegee.

  1. Remove the board from your scooter
  2. Remove you old Skin/griptape and clean the board from old residue
  3. spray a mix of soap and water on the board  – This is important! Otherwise the new layer will stick hard to the board and you can damage the grip when removing it.
  4. remove the back of the new skin and put it on the board, since you have the soap water mix you can let it slide to the right position.
  5. When at the right position push down on some spots to make it stick
  6. Now take a squeegee and start from the middle to push out air and soap mix, work your way around.
  7. Install the board to the scooter again and get out on the road for a ride!

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

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1 review for Skin for footboard “Signature” (M365/1S/Essential)

  1. Tim Stenås

    Grepptejpen till fotbrädan är ett bättre material än den griptape footboarden levererades med, den är inte hal och betydligt enklare att hålla ren, trycket känns välgjort och skarpt och den var faktiskt väldigt lätt att installera.

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