Footboards for Ninebot Max G30

Footboards for Ninebot Max G30

Premium footboard for your Ninebot Max G30

Our footboards looks well integrated with the scooter and gives the scooter a new look. The wide and strong board accommodates both feet (adult) and gives a comfortable ride, maintaining great stability and balance.


The boards are made out of HDPE and 100% water resistant and maintenance free. If you scratches your board it does not get damaged as a wooden board.

Each footboard comes with premium griptape - a waterproof and excellent anti-slip layer.

The footboard is mounted on top of the ordinary footboard with “CuriousJoe-lock-mounts” - which locks the board in place and helps you fasten the board just tight enough. The lock-mounts holds the board tight and secure. 

The mounts under the board are barlely visible from the side since they are black and the screws are hidden into the "lock-mounts" (if you want white lock-mounts write a note at checkout)


The footboard has threaded metal inserts and mounts with the lock-mounts and screws that comes with each footboard.



  • Traffic - Yellow
  • Camo Grey
  • Drops - Red
  • Fractal
  • Skyfall
  • Squares

More patterns are availible, check out the boards for the Xiaomi Scooters and choose any availible pattern, contact us with your choice of pattern if not avalible as a option.


The pattern (griptape) is easy to change if you want to give your scooter a new look. Just rip the old one off and apply the new pattern. If you do not find a pattern you like at just get a griptape form elseware and cut it out (You can get a pre cutout template to help you cut your own pattern). Or get a black griptape and spraypaint your own design.


Each board comes with 4 black lock-mounts and screws.



Width: 22 cm / 8.66 "

Thickness HDPE: 10 mm / 0.39"



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