Fender (mudguard flap)

Fender (mudguard flap)


The fender prevent water and dirt from getting in the charger port or on your back, depending on where its mounted.

You mount the fender on the mudguard, front or rear.
On the front mudguard, you use glue to mount in place. The rear fender you fasten with the screw holding the rear led light under the mudguard. Two longer screw and a custom made cable protection is included with the rear fender.


Works great with all Xiaomi scooters (M365, M365 Pro, Essential, S1 and Pro 2)

There are three alternatives:

  • Front fender
  • Rear fender (with customized cable protection and two screws)
  • Front and rear fender (with cable protection and two screws)

Fender cable protection designed by Curious Joe




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