Branded Stickers

Branded Stickers

SKU: BrandedSticker

The Branded Stickers is to be used together with the Stem Stickers or the Reflective Styling Set.

(This stickers does not stick directly to scooter surface)


Works great on Xiaomi scooters

You get two stickers - one for each side.

How to order:

  1. Write your text
  2. Choose a font
  3. Select placement
  4. Make an order


Only the text sticker are included not the Stem stickers or Reflectiv styling sticker set


Order your Stem Stickers here

Order your Reflective Styling here

If you have your own vectorized logotype/brand/text or have other ideas - send me an email to with your idea and we work something out.

This is a custom made product and will ship within a week.
The sticker is custom made and can not be returned.



Keyword: Reflective, Text, Brand, Logo, Reflekterande, Varumärke, Name, Namn

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