Battery Cover – ICE (transparent) for Xiaomi M365 Pro/Pro2

Battery Cover – ICE (transparent) for Xiaomi M365 Pro/Pro2

Battery cover - ICE is made of glasslike, transparent polycarbonate, which let you install ledlights in the battery compartment for a cool effect.

Polycarbonate is the perfect material and it handles a impact very well. The screw holes are countersinked which keeps the screw heads well protected when coming off a curb or sidewalk. There battery cover is easy to wipe clean from dirt since it has a smooth surface and not like the orginal cover. The cover has no branding which let you ledlight strip shine clearly through the glasslike cover.


Only compatible with Xiaomi M365 Pro & Xiaomi Pro 2



  • Battery cover without foamtape (use silicone to seal against water)
  • Battery cover with foamtape (foam tape will cover som parts of the transparent cover)


  • Countersinked screw holes
  • Easy to clean
  • 6 mm thick, made out of solid polycarbonate
  • Comes with foam pads to apply on the battery or the cover for support for the battery



  • Remove the standard battery cover
  • Use silicon on the cover to seal the battery compartment against water (only cover without foam tape)
  • Replace the orginal cover with the new glasslike cover
  • Use orginal screws to fasten


Designed and manufactured by Curious Joe


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