Battery Cover for Ninebot Max G30 v2

Battery Cover for Ninebot Max G30 v2

The battery cover is made of sturdy polythene, and handles impact very well. The screw holes are countersinked. which keeps the screw heads well protected when coming off a curb or sidewalk. Dirt is going to have a hard time trying to accumulate on this cover (as it does on the orginal cover). The branding on the battery cover is just an outline and very shallow – there’s no space for dirt here...


Only compatible with Ninebot Max G30 scooter

The cover comes in two alternative:

  • 6 mm battery cover with foam tape applied, to make it more resistant-water.
  • 6 mm battery cover without foam tape - use silicon to protect against water


Both battery covers have foam pads to support the battery


Remove the standard battery cover with a "Security torx 15"



Please note: The plastic material sometimes has small scratches from the factory, which may be present on the battery cover.


Battery cover v1 vs v2

v1 has cutouts around the screw holes and old logo

v2 has no cut outs which makes it easier to wipe clean, also has new logo


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