The battery cover is made of sturdy polythene, and handles impact very well. The screw holes are countersinked. which keepsthe screw heads well protected when coming off a curb or sidewalk. Dirt is going to have a hard time trying to accumulate on this cover (as it does on the orginal cover). The branding on the battery cover isnow just an outline and very shallow – there’s no space for dirt here...


Please note:This cover is notcompatible with theXiaomi M365 Pro Scooter.

The cover comes in a choice of two alternatives:

  • 6-mm battery cover with 1-mm foam tape applied, to make it more water-resistant.
  • 6-mm battery cover without foam tape - use silicon to protect against water.


Use the orginal screws, or buy new screws for the battery cover.


--> All battery covers have foam pads to secure the battery


Please note: The plastic material sometimes has small scratches from the factory, which may be present on the battery cover.


Designed by Curious Joe

Battery Cover v2 (Bottom plate)